Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Fishy Weekend

Preparation for a trip away with the bikes takes a surprisingly small amount of time to organise. A couple of texts, emails, and phone calls and a destination is set. One quirky route covering the majority of the country sets the tone, posing some serious logistical challenges, but all in all creates a real sense of excitement. A nippy weekend in March, all genres of trials riding, toss in some hangovers, a funky hotel or two, and a long meandering tarmacadan straw and the cocktail is complete.

Friday, 5pm....and they're off. Aberdeen, Glasgow, Kinlochleven, Blackpool (via Glasgow), Uxbridge, back to Glasgow via Tartybikes, then home to Aberdeen. Crawling home at 3pm on an idle Tuesday feeling like death, dreaming of a hot shower, having spent over 25 hours driving and clocking up 1,300 miles in just four days, be assured that I was happy not to be the designated driver.

There is a single regret of not contributing to the mammoth drive. Cramming everything a group of friends need for a weekends riding and boozing into an Isuzu Denver is not as easy as you would think. A sardine has more room to manoeuvre around his tin than the Isuzu offers when filled with 5 plus their junk. It's an uncomfortable situation to be in but the reason for being on this trip makes it all worthwhile.