Friday, 18 March 2011

Formulate a Proposal

Being a free spirit, without structure or boundaries, surely has to be impossible, at the very least the majority are bound by a budget that will constrain the ability to be a maverick? On a weekend when there is an opportunity to be a free spirit, the likelihood is that nothing would happen and I would sit frustrated because of my lack of plans. So instead a free weekend means one thing.....bikes!

The imaginary checklist comes out; weather, possible locations, availability of other riders, funds in the bank, type of riding to name but a few. This weekend in particular I am optimistic. First stop, Google. Weather looks promising, definitely perfect for the stunt bike, not sure on availability of friends but i'd rather not waste this one. The most important thing...location.

Riding your home town on a regular basis is demoralising, so wanting to broaden horizons I rattle my brain for ideas. I often visit a forum which specialises in urban exploration and as such my search leads me here. The location is found, its an hour north, so reaching for the maps and searching for Tarlair Lido. I have looked at this before and haven't done anything about it. Decision made.

A quick look around local towns with the exceptional street view and at least one day of the weekend is sorted and it would seem that the observations of Benjamin Franklin are justified. You win this time Franklin. This time.