Monday, 21 March 2011

Thrill of the Chase

Discovering a location that you know is unlikely to have been ridden brings a sense of excitement when the time to visit arrives. The Tarlair Lido brought that exact sensation to the forefront of my brain. I knew all about the pool and it's history due to a research project at university, ultimately though, primarily due to its location meant I had high hopes for Tarlair. The plan was set and I travelled early on a gorgeous Saturday morning.

On arrival, I was astonished at the setting. Tucked away in an alcove on the north east coast of Scotland, this open air swimming pool is surrounded by cliffs in all directions but North and the only way to describe Tarlair is 'eerie'. Back in the day, it was regularly visited by thousands of people every summer, however has been sat dormant for years. Dilapidated and neglected, covered with some god awful attempts at graffiti I thought I should walk around and examine Tarlair's potential.

My downfall on this occasion was being alone. Hunting for lines is difficult under these circumstances, due to the reality that should you fall and get hurt, well, you're screwed. Today was the day for hunting, and as such I took it easy hoping to scope out some possibilities. Thankfully, I found a couple of lines, and actually got one filmed which will hopefully look good enough for a future video.

All in all, Tarlair did not quite reach it's initial promise, however I think I will return in future with someone to push me, help me film, and ensure that I do justice to this epic setting. However, sometimes you have to go through these motions to find that pot of gold, for now though it is the thrill of the chase that keeps me going.