Friday, 25 March 2011

The Wonder Years

In most cases on a long car journey I would recommend a CD of personal preference, and as recommended over at Clean a driver 'should exercise their right' and get some music selected that will provide aural satisfaction to driver and passengers alike. Importantly it helps whittle away the long, tiresome hours especially for those persons who become inexplicably sick perusing any form of reading material in a moving vehicle.

Working a 5 day week means most trips start at 1700 hours on a friday evening and due to these circumstances should only start in only one plausible, but excellent way. Now for those not in the know, I am not talking about the 80s television show, in which Kevin narrates through his strangely interesting childhood, but instead a random selection of music chosen by an annoying DJ who occasionally interrupts with his dulcet tones, unfortunately sharing the thoughts of his empty head.

However, in most cases an eclectic taste in music is required, cheesy pop through to classic rock and everything in between, no music snobs of any genre need apply. A single requirement is to sing along, loudly, and enjoy all those songs that you probably wouldn't admit too. Whether on your own, or with a friend, I recommend that you take 45 minutes at 5pm to turn on Radio 1 as it is the most likely way to cheer you up after work and get your weekend off to a flyer, whatever you have planned. This is the Wonder Years.