Thursday, 16 June 2011

One Tribe Goes to War

Everything but bikes has been my priority recently. Finding the time to even look at any sort of bike has been impossible, however the past two weekends I did manage to get time on both my stunt bike and the big bike. The Clan, Scotlands Cycle Stunt Team, have been kind enough to offer Ross and I some additional demos of late and they have allowed me to actually get some sort of break from revising and working.

While feeling guilty about not revising, I snapped at the chance to do some shows with the boys as they are always a good laugh, and for once (for at least the first weekend) it didn't mean a 200 mile round trip to do a show. In the second of three days of shows, Kenny Fulton (dirt jumper) joined us, and the size of the Clans dirt jump is just...., well hopefully a few of these pictures can explain better.

Riding with the Clan, who have set a standard of big and technical riding, ensures that you end up doing silly things just to please the crowd, is there really a reason for a 12ft drop?

The following weekend involved shows in Glasgow and Peebles. Now for those of you who do not realise that Scotland isn't just one big city, from Aberdeen this is a fairly big round trip, involving far too much of this:

Usually two shows on a weekend is not too tricky, however two on the same day in different places can be a challenge. Thankfully, the second show was more a favour to Iain at the Clan, so it meant a more relaxed vibe. The first show for the Bearsden and Milngavie Highland Games brought around much hilarity, and not much bikes;

We hit up Peebles to do show two, however, getting onto platforms when the grass reaches your hubs isnt easy. We got on with it anyway, partly due to the drink fuelled crowd being up for it and partly due to the promise of beer and BBQ.

A night in a tent with a snoring Glaswegian, who cannot disprove the theory that he wears ladies undies following the discovery of a pair of purple frillies in the bottom of his sleeping bag, we woke to sunshine and the mahooosive 7 Stanes Glentress Mountain Biking Centre, cue big bikes, and learning some new skills which might well transfer to my trials bikes in the coming weeks.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.