Wednesday, 6 July 2011

In support of Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power isn't so bad. Probably best to get that out of the way, straight off the bat. I am sure it has its disadvantages; radioactive, un-sustainable, expensive and explosive, however on the plus side; it glows green, sounds cool and in the UK it provides us with Torness Nuclear Power station.

This location had been mentioned to me, and it does feature in a certain Danny Macaskill's 'Way Back Home' video very briefly. So after a demo one gorgeous saturday, we decided to check it out. 'Epic' is a fad word, often banded about, but I reckon its the only word I can use to describle this spot...actually thats a lie...dangerous and scary are the others. Ill try and let the pictures explain this.



Finally, as a wee bonus picture for ross!