Monday, 29 August 2011

It's Been A While...

Recently I have been a little off the ball with this thing, but that is mainly due to having a fractured knuckle over the past month. I had lost faith in riding after getting injured yet again. In hind sight the month off my bike has given me the love for trials again, and Ross McArthur and I are both heading off on a road trip around the UK in the next week. So feel free to join us if you would like, locations and dates below;

Blackpool - 29th August
Porthcawl - 30th August
Bristol - 31st August
London - 1st September
Hull - 2nd September
Shipley - 3rd September

A possible addition to the schedule is a stop off at carlilse on the 4th September

Anyway, prior to my injury the following happened;

Wickerman Festival


Demos and Hostels



Bike Update