Friday, 27 April 2012

Doing It Wrong

Anyone who has ever attempted to edit a video must know how hard it can be to include bail clips. Obviously a particularly bad or spectacular smash will generally warrant the inclusion of a small clip, but the percentage in comparison to the 'completed lines' is always going to be small. Generally, the inclusion of a bail will ruin the flow of a video, and I'd imagine that riders might be worried that its inclusion might portray them to not be as good as they wish to be perceived.

This is something that I was guilty of in many of my early videos, I wanted to impress / get sponsored / live the dream and by showing the fact that I bail wasn't going to make that happen. Looking back, my naivety was plain to see, and now-a-days I will happily include a crash in an edit if I believe it is funny, pretty big, and fits with the music; in the hope that anyone who is watching might find it a little entertaining / amusing to see.

I'll try and explain that a little further. I mentioned one of my last posts that things have changed significantly for me over the past few years, but I would say there is one thing that hasn't changed. I am not naturally talented on a trials bike (or any bike for that matter). I don't do spins, I don't like speed, and I hardly ever land things first time. There are people I know who do have natural talent, and I am sure you'd be able to list the same people, but I am certainly not one of them. Instead, I would say I have plenty of commitment.

I fall off A LOT. In the past couple of years I think I have badly damaged my ankle at least 3 times and  fractured a knuckle. To top that off my shins look like I have leprosy and one of my other injuries included biting through my tongue. The reason I get back on the bike is because of my pure love for riding my trials bike, and to try and nail any line that has condemned me to injury.

I still like to progress, try new things and get out there and ride. Unfortunately crashing / failing / bailing goes hand in hand with progression and you have to suck it up and take it....cos if you finally land that line, whether it be big or small...there isn't anything quite like it.

Having this in mind, I made this little clips video of a few wee things I have been thinking about doing / attempting to practice filming, and to figure things out for my next video.