Saturday, 14 April 2012

How Things Change

A couple of evenings ago whilst out riding my bike, complete with seat, headphones in, pisspot helmet on, wearing jeans, and complimenting them with some dapper purple skate shoes (OK I admit, 5.10's but they are skate styled), I could not help but thing about how everything about my riding life has changed.

The above picture, thanks to Darren Wright for it, sums up the change nicely. If someone had asked me 5 years ago if I'd ever contemplate doing a bunny hop or hitting a kicker at speed I would have laughed at them. The same can be said now, if I consider whether I'd contemplate riding wearing some pixie boots, trackie-b's, and using a long seat less bike I really don't think I would. I have never been happier on my trials bike than I am right now, long bikes just are not my bag.

The night in question was also the first time I have ever ridden with earphones while riding trials. I have regularly read, seen and spoken to people who use earphones, however I just could not fathom how it made riding better. Maybe it was my trophy ears, which can barely keep a standard set of in-ear phones in while walking, never mind riding, or maybe it was the fact that I feel it's pretty unsociable, either way I'd never done it.

It was a lone ride - so I thought I'd try out my new earphones. I blasted around Aberdeen hitting previously done lines with a new found vigour, and hunting out new things to try and ride. I never often rode on my own for more than an hour, but I was gone for nearly 3. I haven't enjoyed a ride on my todd quite that much in a long time.

So by the end of this ride, I guess I realised that sometimes change is worth accepting, and it may well benefit your riding no end

Oh and for those with trophy ears who can't find suitable earphones; try these. They work a treat...