Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Project 2 - Eye Catching

I have never really been the kind of rider who is interested in having the newest components, or colour coordinated bicycles*. Don't get me wrong, I like my bike to be pleasing to my eye, but I am more interested in the thing being solid, working and not making horrible clunking sounds.

Typically though, as those who regularly ride with me will agree, it does make lots of clunking sounds and usually I am not happy with it. All I am after is bike that suits my needs.

This leads me onto Project 2 for the year. An influx of lovely looking street trials bikes into the UK, with a number of really nice frames arriving in Glasgow at the start of 2012, has led me astray. I want something new and eye catching.

I love my Inspired Hex. It is possibly the most fun bike I have ever had, and long bikes just aren't my bag any more because of it, however there are a number of things I wanted to change about my frame to make it more suited to my needs

Dave @ Inspired is a great guy and has helped me out a lot since his days at Tarty up until the current day, but I am no big deal, so the chance of me getting a one-off custom built frame by Inspired I've assumed to be pretty low. I had a few ideas I wanted to try out and things have progressed nicely.

The new ideas are based around the Hex Geometry, and I will hopefully have more to show you in the very near future, however for now - ill give you this...

*I know that I have had a number of bikes over the years that have been coordinated, but the classy black frame with gold components, was fashionable and the only option given to me by the company supporting me at the time. What could I do?