Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Project 2 - Updgrade

I have always been a fan of silent bikes. If it were possible to purchase a free-coaster hub with an engagement suitable for trials I would be all over it. For now though, I can cope with my noise Hope Trial hub, however, I DETEST NOISY BRAKES. I know the reasons why many trials riders have noisy brakes, but like nails scratching a blackboard, they really make me wince.

Since April, when I received the Marino, everything I have tried to keep my brake silent, while remaining powerful has been unsuccessful. Looking at my frame, it was plain to see that I had missed a trick when  designing my frame. A disc brake mount!

Peru is a long way to send a frame, so I was put in touch with Josh @ Jaf Bikes, he lives in Loughborough (which seems to be a a right of passage for UK Trials Companies), and is the purveyor of high end custom trials frames / various frame repairs galore. Some of the repairs available include carbon wraps, steerer tube extensions, and frame welding.



So after a number of brief messages, I sent my frame to Josh. He received it on the Friday, the mount  and reinforcement tube was welded to the frame that day. He sent the frame back to me on the Monday, and I received it Tuesday...now that is brilliant service. He was clear with me the whole time and did everything he could to help me out, ensuring that I could ride that weekends demo using my disc....ahhhhh silence!!!

Mount set up and ready to be welded                             Welded, Reinforced and ready to go


Good Quality Placement / Welding                        Complete Set Up - Works a Treat.

So before you throw out that knackered frame or you would like some modifications to your frame I would recommend giving the Jaf Bikes page a visit (click the picture below) to see if he can help you out.