Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Instagramming Life of Late...

Plenty of travelling recently, so I shall not go into too much depth, however a number of Instagrams to help me talk you through it.

A trip to Glasgow / Killin meant a late evening train journey, but a chance to play with an olympic torch, ride Unit 23 & ride shockingly in a comp with friends was worth it;


The following week I had a 5.56am train journey to Edinburgh for a weekend of shows with Ross McArthur and the much needed caffeine boost on arrive


Rosses fall on the skinny rail was pretty funny, but the bruise and pain he suffered probably wasnt as funny. He soldiered on for the rest of the weekend though. Trooper. I finished the weekend with a beer in capital. 


Monday was time for some ankle physio, which ended in some acupuncture of all things. This led to me thinking about my GETCreative entry and making up a little something that should help my video turn out that little bit better