Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Time Passes Quickly

The 27th November 2012 is a special day; only 34 days until 2013,  exactly 28 days until Christmas day,  and in 24 days time an apparent global apocalypse. Obviously the most important fact about this day is that I turn 28. While I'd rather be out celebrating in style, I am stuck in work and I felt I'd just write up some of  my thoughts.

Earlier this year, I'd considered giving up my stunt bike, well certainly once the winter set in. Life was getting in the way of riding and I felt that it might be time to set it aside and concentrate on other also important things. Over the years I have seen many friends start up riding trials and also disappear very quickly, and while being a little cliché, cars / drink did seem to lure many of them off.

A certain GETCreative competition helped to reinvigorate my love of bikes and made me realise I'd have just been stupid to have given it up. Its offered me so much in my life. I have travelled to places I'd never have imagined, performed for crowds in so many random locations, and met alot of people along the way who will always be friends.

So, rather then waffle on too much, I went down memory lane and managed to find a few gems of photos that sum up why I won't be giving up my trials bike any time soon;

EDIT: I forgot to say thanks to all the people I have met along the way, who've made the time riding bikes even more enjoyable...


Some Group Shots