Sunday, 2 December 2012

One Shot, One Video, One Prize...(DEADLINE EXTENDED)

Recently, I believe that trials had lost its way a little. I personally spent alot of my internet browsing on thecomeup, watching a whole lot more bmx videos, and definitely a lot less trials videos. I just felt there was something lacking. 

Thankfully though, there are some folks out there who are trying to move trials forward that little bit. First there was the section 001 freestyle competition, held by Mr Westlake of (in Bristol) around a year or so ago (maybe longer)...

...and more recently an online video competition called GETCreative, the brainchild of Ben Rowlands ( I might have mentioned it a few times of late). 

Both competitions handed out lots of decent prizes, to some very good riders, and on the whole I would say they were both a major success. It sparked conversation, debates, and it was proven that our sport is diversifying to realms of which hasn't really been seen before. 

Although I didn't win anything myself (FIXXXX, I hear you say...;-)), I actually believe that the results were pretty accurate and the best guys won. Sean Watsons Video was simply one of the weirdest videos I have ever watched, but addictive and very creative. I have heard through the grapevine that Sean is hoping to give away his prize via a form of competition (keep an eye out on the Killroy Nation page for competition details).

This led me to think of how I could give back to the community a little more. I have had a few deals with certain sponsors over the years, and this helped me out with discounted parts etc. I felt that maybe I could give something back to help continue the work that Clean, GETCreative and Killroy Nation have / are going to be doing. 

I took the picture below when I was out riding on a Friday evening. I spent over an hour by myself, riding this one spot, trying new tricks, seeing what little bits / different tricks I could do. The fun I had put a massive smile on my face, and I just wished that I had filmed some of the stuff to watch back.

Back in the day, the trials-forum had a Kerb Video competition - and with its rather obvious title entrants were to produce a video using a kerb as the primary spot. No prizes were offered, pride was purely at stake. If I remember correctly, Nick Goddard produced one of the most memorable videos on his Planet X, I certainly would have voted for him as the competition winner anyway. I think there might be something in that idea to take into the current day. 

So here is my take on it;


Things You Will Need

  • You
  • Video Recording / Editing Ability
  • Tripod
  • A Single Riding Spot. YES. ONE SINGLE RIDING SPOT
  • Imagination
  • Some Spare time between now and 11.59:59 PM on 17th FEBRUARY 2013

Competition Requirements

  • Produce a maximum 60 - 90 second video (NOTE: THIS IS THE MAXIMUM TIME)
  • Upload it to VIMEO
  • Send me a link to your video via the Personal Messenger on (Link to My Profile Here) - NO LATER than 11.59:59 PM on 17th FEBRUARY 2013.

Video Rules
  • Video must be filmed at ONE LOCATION
  • Video must be filmed from ONE SINGLE CAMERA ANGLE 
  • Video must be submitted to my Personal Messenger on the forum no later  than 11.59:59 PM on 17th FEBRUARY 2013
  • Please do NOT create a separate topic for your video

What I will do
  • Please refrain from making a topic about each individual video. I will create a topic incorporating all the videos I receive links to  so that every body can watch and compare.

How will you be Judged

I will contact a number of judges aiming to get a panel of 5 people, who would fairly represent the eclectic mix of trials styles, across the board and ask them to judge the videos based on a simple score of 1 to 10. 

1 being a video they don't like, 10 being a video you liked so much that it made you wiggle with excitement. 

I am not going to set criteria, this will literally be a case of whether the judge in question appreciates your video or doesn't. Therefore will include your music, editing, style and ideas / lines all merged together and scored out of ten.

Scores will be collated, and the winner will be the video with the highest score...simple.

What is the Prize

The single winner, as voted for by the group of judges (TBC) will be sent my old Custom Marino Trials frame. 

The geometry of the frame is as per an Inspired Hex, with custom horizontal dropouts and a disc mount. Mounted to the frame are a set of ilegal BMX cranks and 23t sprocket to complete that wannabe bmx'er look

The frame will come complete with dents and scratches that a usual 2nd hand trials frame would come complete with. 

The winner is free to do what he / she wants with the frame. Should you wish to sell it on then that is cool with me. The hope is just to give something back and spur on some more creativity and imagination from the trials world.

Some pictures of the frame below (Lola isn't included in the prize);

Additional Notes
One Single Camera ANGLE - this does not mean you have to complete all your tricks in under 90 seconds for your video. I just mean that every trick you undertake must be filmed from the same camera shot. My hope is it might spur on people to think about the camera shots they are doing.

One Single LOCATION - I mentioned previously about the Kerb Competition. Please note that this is not a Kerb Video Competition. You are free to use whatever single spot you like, big or small, but remember that only a single camera angle is allowed so you'd probably be best choosing a spot that you can utilise to your advantage. 

Judges - Names will be confirmed. I hope to have around 5 judges, with varying styles. They will rate your video out of 10....