Monday, 18 March 2013

and the winner (eventually) is...

First off, I have to apologise for the delay in announcing this. I won't go into why, but various reasons have led to the delay, and I've finally got 30 mins to get this written up, I wasn't just keeping the frame and going silent, even as a grippy Yorkshire man I couldn't do that..

Secondly, just to re-iterate, the winner of the competition (read the previous post for details), will be sent the frame, cranks, bb, and chainring shown below and are free to do whatever they wish with the frame.

Finally, thanks to the judges, thanks to anyone who shared it on any social media site (or anywhere for that matter), and mostly thanks to those who entered! Hopefully is spawned some ideas for some, and might consider some people to be a little more inventive in future.

so to the result! Here is what the judges had to say (in no particular order);

Ross McArthur
Ive watched all the videos and I think that Aaron and Matts is the best. The idea of having one angle but zooming out on the second half of the video to create the illusion of a different angle was a great idea. I think working as a duo/team sets a great example to the younger members of the community. Their making of video also sets a great example to younger kids, moving on when asked and realising they had made a mistake by riding a memorial.

They made best use the spot and rode the whole area using traditional trials moves and also streety flowing lines. They have obviously put thought into finding a spot too. The camera quality was good and the song went well with the editing and riding.

Ben Rowlands. Why? How could it not be? Best filmed, edited, music, vibe and riding (obviously all in my opinion, that is).

Jack Meek
After watching them all. It came down to Guillermo Marin. I find his stands out that bit more than the rest. The editing tricks in the vid at the beginning get matched with the amount of lines within the edit. I like the location as it is a obvious choice for the comp entry. un till you have watch the edit he does more lines than you could spot. This keeps you engaged through out the edit in my opinion. As well as liking bits and pieces from all the other entries, Guillermo has done a fantastic job.

Joe Maher
Ben rowlands vid tops it for me. Style, smooth, good camera positioning and Good edit. Cant really ask for much more.Nick Cooke, close 2nd, but to many manuals.

Carl Hopps
My vote is going to have to go to Ben Rowlands. I almost voted for G's as his edit was interesting and his riding was inventive but Ben's ridings come such a long way on that bike. Super tech with a catchy tune. One to watch again!

Ian Johnstone
I think my favorite is Guillermo Marin's Video because of the creativity & effort in both the riding & the edit. I think my first thoughts for favorite was Ben Rowlands to be honest but my unbiased opinion is Guillermo

So Mr Rowlands emerges victorious in the competition. I will get in touch with you regarding this Ben and your prize will be winging its way to you ASAP.

Thanks again to everyone for entering, Ben's winning entry can be seen below, and all the other entries can be seen here - Trials Forum Topic