Sunday, 31 March 2013

New Bike, New Video...

Ross McArthur recently received his custom designed frame, the Marino Archive and after a couple of weeks getting used to it, setting it to his very particular tastes, he has finally managed to get out and about to get used to the bike.

Obviously, the weather hasn't been the greatest for getting out riding of late, as you'll see in the previous blog post when we rode Glasgow a couple of weeks back, but it seems to be getting just that little bit nicer, and hopefully a sign of things to come for everyone.

Filmed and edited on a single ride on Easter Sunday, he managed to make use of the awesome riding available in Glasgow in a way that only he knows how. I mean lets be honest, why are you still reading this? As if the words I could type anyway can justify how well Ross is getting on with this bike, so you should probably stop reading this and get watching the video...

Now obviously, if you are still reading this, then you might like to see a little more about his frame, which you can now purchase (in a colour of your choice) as a standard option from, so here are a few shots of his frame, and also a little introduction blurb from the man himself.

"Marino has sorted me out with a frame and fork which ive named the Archive. Way back when, when Akrigg, Ashton, Hawzie and Edd T were filming for what is now known as Trial Noir, it was originally going to be named "Archive 1". Maybe Chris had in mind to make a series? Anyway since I based the the look of this frame around the Ashton Edd T frame, I thought I'd name it thus. Obviously ive improved the geo to suit my needs, shortened the back end, steepened the head angle bla bla. Ive also added a few nice touches like horizontal dropouts with tensioners a-la Echo and a disc mount a-la Skye

Geo is 980, 360, 74, 20 Fork is 410, 30"