Monday, 17 June 2013

Glasgow (again)...

One of the best places to ride street in Scotland (if not the UK), is Glasgow! While the cities reputation often precedes anyone visiting it, the variety of riding is vast and well worth coming along to. Locations are popping up all the time, and in all the years I have ridden Glasgow, there is always something new to be found. 

Ross and I were lucky enough to be invited to the premiere of Danny's Imaginate riding film in Glasgow, so in order to make the most of the day, I met up with a hungover Ross, had a Maccy D's and went to hit the streets of Glasgow. I was glad we went to the east end of the city, as we don't often ride there, furthermore one of my favourite parts of trials is to go hunting for new things to ride. 

Found some new spots, rode some old spots, learnt a couple of things I have never done before, and got to watch Ross push himself and land some things that even he doesn't understand how he does them. We rode for a good four hours, and hardly covered any ground, it was fun sessioning spots for a decent period of time just playing about and having a laugh. 

So...come visit Glasgow, there is plenty to ride and I am sure that Ross would be more than happy to show you around! For now though - here are a couple of clips from Sundays ride;